今日の一枚  『世界各国のGDPに占める社会扶助費の割合』 -- 世界の人々が憧れる日本はさすがに…… 断トツ低い、という現実。『馬鹿に付ける薬はない』のだそうだ。

 これが「美しい国」、「世界が憧れる国」の実態です。 そういえば、『エコロジスト』では「馬鹿に付ける薬はない。」とも言われていますけど…

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       No bliss in this ignorance:
     the great Fukushimanuclear cover-up

Fukushima nuclear

                               20th February 2016
The Japanese were kept in the dark from the start of the Fukushima disaster about high radiation levels and their dangers to health, writes Linda Pentz Gunter. In order to proclaim the Fukushima area 'safe', the Government increased exposure limits to twenty times the international norm. Soon, many Fukushima refugees will be forced to return home to endure damaging levels of radiation.
日本国民はフクシマ核惨事が勃発した当初から、高レベル放射能とそれが健康におよぼす危険について、情報を隠されていたとリンダ・ペンツ・ギュンターは書く。政府はフクシマ地域が「安全」であると宣伝するために、被曝限度を国際基準の20倍まで引き上げた。フクシマ難民の多くは間もなく、帰還を強いられ、有害なレベルの放射能に耐え忍ぶことになる。  --中略 --

But Dr lida's passionate polemic was not about the power of the sun, but the power of propaganda. March 11, 2011 might have been the day the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. But it was also the beginning of the Great Japan Cover-Up.

On the ISEP website, Iida extols the coming of the Fourth Revolution, following on from those in agriculture, industry and IT. "This fourth revolution will be an energy revolution, a green industrial revolution, and a decentralized network revolution", he writes.

But in person, Iida was most interested in conveying the extent to which the Japanese people were lied to before, during and after the devastating nuclear disaster at Fukushima-Daiichi, precipitated on that same fateful day and by the deadly duo of earthquake and tsunami.

"There should be a Tepco trial like the post-war Tokyo Trials", Iida said, referring to the post World War II war crimes trial in which 28 Japanese were tried, seven of whom were subsequently executed by hanging.

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